I connect my Boox device to the computer and it could not be recognized by the computer, what shall I do?




  • Dan Phillips

    I have followed these directions with no success, and a lot of people have marked this page as "not helpful". Any other suggestions? (Perhaps the issue is on the PC side. Is there a preferred Windows driver I could install?)

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  • Tran Quang Thuan

    My Boox note air nothing to syn note with Boox app. 


    My android phone can push, transfer wifi any documents, but Note nothing to syn.


    Please help.

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  • Name Surname

    I had this same problem and it was fixed very easily thanks to this page: https://www.howtogeek.com/195607/how-to-get-your-android-device-to-show-up-in-file-explorer-if-it-isnt/

    All you need to do is go in to Windows Device Manager and find your device. It will probably be called something like "Google ADB Device". This is your Boox tablet (you can confirm by pulling the USB cable out and it disappears). Unplug any other USB Android devices so you can be sure.

    Right click on this device and select Update Drivers.

    Click "Browse my computer for driver software".

    Click "Let me pick from a list"

    Select "Android device" then "MTP device".

    After updating to this driver, you will now see your Boox device in Windows file manager like a normal disk drive.

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