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Magnetic case cover with pen holder



  • Virginia Frost

    It isn't obvious, but the Tab Ultra doesn't need a case to magnetically secure your pen.  Simply place the flat side of your pen against the side of the tablet.  If it doesn’t secure right away, slowly move the pen up and down the side of the tablet to find the most secure spot.  

    As for covers, there are plenty in the Boox site.  I ordered a bundle and mine came with the basic (non-keyboard) magnetic case.  Go to  I really like this case because it folds flat behind the tablet and is thin enough that I don’t have to remove it to take notes comfortably.

  • CDP

    Have to agree with Sesha Kiran.  I need a keeper on the basic cover.  I continually knock the pen off the Ultra even though the magnet is very strong.  Need a strap similar to the keyboard cover.  


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