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Cloud Storage - Google Drive: Is there a limit of 50 files per folder?



  • drpetebaker

    Now that I've been using the new Google Drive interface in V3.3.2 for a while, I can safely say that all the files are there but Library only shows the first 50 files.

    I can search for a file and then view it which is perfectly adequate if I can remember the file name but it still seems an unnecessary limitation. I can also scroll down to the 6th page (there are 10 files per page) and then, fairly quickly, the status line at the bottom displays there are 100 files. Similarly, the status line shows 150 files when scrolling to the 11th page but I seem to have to go through this rigmarole every time I open the folder because the Library display seems to reset and only the first 50 files are shown.

    Does anyone have a fix for this?

    Thanks Peter

  • russianspy1234

    Same issue over here, but it's not just google drive.  Affects webdav as well, and I assume any other cloud connection.  I would assume that splitting them into different folders would work, but that seems like a needless hassle...


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