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Where's my file?



  • Official comment
    Booxshop Service

    Dear customer,

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    In this case, you could long-press the book cover in the Library and it will pop up a window. After that, you can find where is the document located by checking the path. And you could also quickly navigate to the book's folder by clicking the "path".

    Many thanks for your time and hope it helps.


  • Sherence de Jongh

    Hello Tom,


    I'm exactly, verbatim, work for word in the same boat as you  Are. Have you ever found out how to locate this particular file  which can only be found an read and annotated in the "recent file" directory? That is the only place I can open  and annotate it.   The  file in question, in the recent file directory, actually opens originally through a web dev source which is my Nas;  however for some reason it stopped syncing to the original file on my nas and  therefore like you I would like to  backup the file in order to save the annotations I made.  luckily, the annotations  were made on a PDF file, and therefore  will be stored and attached the PDF file itself, and not like an epub file where it doesn't get written onto the file  itself. 

     so have you found out where the file that can only be viewed in the "Recent file" directory, so that I can move it away from  there, and back it up.



  • James Hassett

    Derek, I have the same problem as Tom. As Tom said in his original post, the file does not appear under the library tab of the library - only the recently read section. When you long press a doc in the recently read section, it only gives you the option to clear all or current reading history.

    I myself have even downloaded a file manager app to better sort through the Boox’s confusing file management and I still cannot locate the file source of the document. And yet I can still edit and read this document so it must be located somewhere on the device.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Booxshop Service

    Hi James,

    In this case, you could search for the name of the document and it will show where the document is saved in the device.


  • Gianna

    Hi Tom and James,

    it's been a while, but maybe this answer will help you in the future or someone with the same problem: For me, it was exactly the same, every time I tried to sync the recently read document with annotations (via OneNote, Dropbox or other connected accounts as well as via various sync apps) only the original document was uploaded, without the annotations or (what I found quite strange) with annotations that were not complete (from the intermediate state of a document with annotations). I was not able to sync the document from the "currently read" section.

    As a workaround, I have now found the following solution for me: Open the PDF from the recently read section in NeoReader (default option for me), then use "More — Contents — Handwriting" (or other annotations you want to export) to display the overview of all pages, select all of them here and go to the icon for "Export as PDF" at the bottom right. Then select "Export handwritten notes color — Original" and confirm.

    The internal storage location is then also displayed, which can otherwise never be accessed, neither in the Boox device nor on the connected PC (in my case it is a directory located in "Storage/.ksync"). In the next window there is the option to jump there and copy the file and paste it into the normal document directory by navigating backwards until the usual internal storage is displayed. There, it will be displayed normally again and can be synchronized normally. The annotations in the document can still be edited when you open it with NeoReader. 

    I hope this helps some in the future who want to recover and export their data.



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