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Key feature(s) missing and bug(s) vs competition (notably Supernote)



  • Official comment
    Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, 

    Thank you for pointing out the problem of NeoReader and your feature requests. Below are the responses to your questions/requests.

    Regarding the issue with the hyperlink in PDF, this issue is known by our tech team and they are currently working to fix this issue.

    It is possible to set a multiple-page PDF as a template in a notepad. The page of the template will correspond to the page of the notepad. For example, the first page of the template will be displayed on the first page of the notepad. If you need a new page on your notepad, the template on the second page of the notepad will change to the second page of the PDF template.

    Regarding your request to link BOOX with Obsidian, we have forwarded your suggestion to our tech team. We appreciate your suggestion.

    Regarding your request to add a table of contents in the Notes app, we appreciate it if you could provide us with some more details about the feature of the table of contents. It would be helpful for us to improve the software.

    It is possible to apply different templates on different pages, you could click "Layer" > "Template" > click the gear icon on the top right corner > untick the option "Apply to all pages".

    Many thanks for your time and understanding.


  • Tony

    Dear Boox customer support, dear Derek,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Please see below some clarifications on my side:

    • Thanks for your work on fixing the pdf links. I hope an update will come soon :-)
    • On the multiple page pdf, I'm sorry as I was not precise or clear enough. I can see that we can use multiple pages pdf as a template layer, but the links in the pdf are then not working. I'm not sure what the best way for you would be to do that, and maybe it's not through the template layer. But basically, I think it would be great to be able to open in the Notes app (rather than only in Neoreader) a pdf document which contains hyperlinks to different pages within the document. That way, I could take notes in different pdf documents (like a meeting note template or a daily planner) and use the features of the Notes app together with the links of the pdf document.
    • For the Table of Contents, that's pretty simple. When I take notes, I create different sections with titles for each section or heading. But I can't easily navigate them and find them back apart from looking at the pages one by one. It would be great if I could just create automatically a Table of Content (which could be then inserted at the beginning of the note) on the basis of these headings, and that each heading in the TOC be hyperlinked to the corresponding page. Imagine you're writing a note, and you write "Section 1" in your note, and under that maybe a subheading, like "Section 1.1". I could imagine using the lasso tool to assign a special tag for these headings (tags like "Heading 1", "Heading 2", ... "Heading N") a bit like you apply a style heading in a Word document. And once you do that, all the parts that have been tagged like this are taken up to create a TOC. Ideally, you would be able to decide on the format of the TOC so that you can have a TOC that shows all heading levels (from 1 to N), or a TOC that only shows the first level or first couple of levels. And then on the TOC, every heading is hyperlinked and brings you to the page where that particular heading is when you click on it. Also, at any point in my notes, I should have the ability (though a button on the toolbar or elsewhere) to go directly to the TOC. Even better would be to click on a TOC button which would open a side panel that shows the TOC and navigate from there. But your developers may have even better ideas. Basically one of the main issues I'm facing (and probably many other users face as well), is that I have some notebooks that have many pages (like 30 to 50 pages or more), and it's very difficult to navigate within these notes without a TOC.
    • On the different templates for different pages: thanks a lot ! Sorry I had missed that it was possible ;-)

    Best regards.


  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Regarding the issue hyperlink in the notes template, this issue is known by our tech team they will improve the Notes app in future updates.

    Regarding the TOC, we are afraid that the Notes app does not support creating the table of contents automatically. However, you could manually create a page and use it as the table of contents. 

    You could tab "Insert" on the side toolbar and click "Link to Notes". And then, click "Link to a Page" on the top and select a notepad. After that, please select a page. Finally, you have to create a shortcut to a certain page. You could rename this shortcut as a section or chapter name. You could also select certain notes with the lasso tool and set them as a shortcut to a certain page or notepad to help you manage your notes.

    Many thanks for your time and understanding.



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