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Cropping PDFs



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    You are suggested to check two videos about “ Boox read books in article mode " & " Boox zooming shortcut options " on Youtube. Hope it would help.


  • Dennisdd

    PS: i have also tried > Navigation > More settings > one column and then drawing the box, that seems to work a bit better, but why all this confusion and not everything clearly in one place?

  • Dennisdd

    Thanks for the quick response. As for the first video, I do want everything on one page for the PDF reader and not read separate parts of one page... but turning it to one page there seems to mostly work.

    For both videos, the interface looks very different to my version 2.2.2 on note pro and it says that there is no update.

  • Boox Service Team


    Sorry for the late reply. Here are some answers below according to your questions.

    1. We' ll update our Youtube videos with the updated version. Apology for the inconvenience has caused. 

    2. You are suggested to click once on the screen and then proceed to turn to the next page. If you wipe the page to the left, it would scroll down this one. 

    3. We will add scroll reading mode to PDF books soon. Pls kindly pay attention to our software update. You will be able to use this function to divide one page into different parts from top to bottom and read them in order by scrolling the same page. 

    4. The one reason why ebooks are unclear is that those original paper books were being released a long time ago. The other one was outdated scanning technology. The old books did not have their electronic editions. They were scanned into pictures and added characters accordingly on it. Thus, those ebooks you read are of two layers which caused much unclearer. 

    Hope it would help. Thanks for your support!



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