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How do I bind my Android phone to my Boox account?



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post!

    You are suggested to go to this link and learn how to us Boox Assistant app. Please make sure that you log in the same Boox account on your Boox device and your Android phone.

    Thanks for your attention!

  • John Peter Maughan


    Thanks, but I still have the problem. 

    I have deleted and re-installed the BOOX-assistant app.  On first use I seen the log in screen and go through the log in procedure.  Then I get, "No Device Logged in. Please log in ONYX Account and bind the device."

    There seems to be no way back to the log-in screen without deleting and re-installing the app.  I did this and then tried using my email address, instead of phone number, as both are registered with my BOOX account.  Same failure!!!

    It would seem that my Nokia 9 with Android 10 is failing to bind to the BOOX account.

    Any further advice would be welcome.

  • John Peter Maughan

    Hi, it's me again,

    I managed to get this working in the end.

    I noticed that my Max3 was showing my mobile number without a leading zero, whereas the BOOX-assistant had recorded my moblle number with a leading zero, so they were considered different accounts.

    I've discovered that it is possible to log out of the BOOX-assistant by clicking on the head under My (Account Management). 

    So, I logged out and logged back in, making sure there was no leading zero on the mobile number.  It all works perfectly now.

    Thanks again.

  • Senta Rose

    Doesn't work for me. This device is a piece of dodo with no customer service


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