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    Boox Service Team

    Hello Maria, 

    Thanks for your post! Please kindly check the scenarios below and find the solutions accordingly.

    If you would like to move the files from a folder to the other in the Storage, you are suggested to long-press the file you would like to move and then click the "Cut" option. Return back to the last page and tap the folder you want to put the file into. And then tap the "Paste" option on the left side. That would be good.

    If you would like to move the file to the other folder in the Library section, you can long-press the file you choose and then tap the option "Move". And choose one folder you built previously in your folders. If you did not create any folders before, you can click the "+" icon to create a new bookshelf at first and then move the file to the new folder.  

    Thanks for your time!

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