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Stylus as input in third-party apps



  • Maximilian Hantsch

    Yes, I would like to understand that too. I am using Squid (Android app) flawlessly on my Google Pixelbook with a pen; I would like to use it on the Boox Max 3 too.

  • dgbTO

    This would be important for me as well.  I'm not familiar with Squid, but I did use Japanese-English dictionaries on my Note 4 (Android) phone years ago and was able to use the phone's stylus to input Japanese kanji; it was a great feature.  I had assumed that any Android app that accepts stylus or drawing input would work on the Max as well.  Please respond to this question.  Thanks.

  • Kai

    Dear Boox support,

    any news on this question?


  • George Zarkalis

    I have the same problem. Tried to use the stylus to annotate PDF files and also for Microsoft OneNote and there is a huge daley making practically the use of these impossible.

    This is very disappointing as all other android devices I have respond normally.

    Is there a solution?

  • Blad Moreno

    Dear Support team, please respond to our suggestions, and feature improvement, to make our tablets even better, this would be a huge!!! improvement, if you make the lag in third party note applications disappear, otherwise add more features to the native notes application or add a sketch native application equivalent to Sketchbook and that would be actually even better


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