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Multiple android profiles / restricted profiles support



  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, 

    Yes, we do supports multiple users/accounts in one BOOX device. You could create notes under different accounts, and these notes will be linked to your account. Once you log out, these notes will be hidden, and they will be visible after you log in again.

    We are currently working on the feature of sharing notes between each account. We believe that this feature will be available soon.

    To find the user manual for different models, please visit the link below:

  • Pavol Adam

    Thanks for Your reply, however, my question wasn't about saving notes in different accounts, but about Apps downloaded from Google Play in Boox Note 3/5. If they can be different, or at least have different data/configuration under different Note 3/5 profiles.

    Use case: I log in with my parent account and see my Apps (e. g. my mail app, my browser and its tabs etc.). When my son logs in with his child account, he sees his school app, hist mail app.. there is a google familyLink for his account active to monitor his usage time and apps used etc.

    Thanks in advance.


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