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Note titles: do they do anything?


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  • Booxshop Service

    Hello! We apologize for the confusion.

    The feature of titling pages for notebooks is to manage the info after you have exported your notes to a PDF. Here is the situation that which the page title will be used:

    1) I created three pages and put titles on each page.

    2) And then, I select all pages and export them to a PDF

    3)I opened the export PDF notes and I can see the page title on the bottom menu

    4) To see all pages titles, you could click the list icon on the toolbar 

    You could consider the page title to be a chapter name. When you exported your notes to PDF, the page titles will become chapter names on the list. So when you need to find specific info on a page in your exported PDF notes, you could check the list without opening each page in order to find the info that you need.


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