Regarding the issues post here, please kindly entitle the software version & model name of your device such as V2.3 - Note 2 Can't sync notes.

Urgent Fix Needed: Arabic OCR Issues Persisting Since Firmware 3.3
11 votes 6 comments
Microsoft In Tune on Android for Onyx Boox
11 votes 36 comments
Feature Request: Support for links in Notes
7 votes 6 comments
New firmware, wont sync
6 votes 6 comments
V3.5.1 - NoteAir2, Please add Farsi (Persian) features
4 votes 13 comments
Can't view annotations in PDFs when transferred
4 votes 14 comments
Unable to set up a Google work profile on the Max Lumi
4 votes 19 comments
V.3.5 Update problem: does not install
3 votes 12 comments
Arabic text not supported
3 votes 0 comments
System UI keeps stopping - Boox Air2 Plus
3 votes 11 comments
library showing no books after update
3 votes 11 comments
Last firmware update broke RTL text in NeoReader
3 votes 6 comments
push boox notes blank but syncing complete
3 votes 9 comments
Exported PDFs are not searchable
3 votes 14 comments
Google Translate dropped from 2.3.1 firmware
3 votes 4 comments
Directory as bookshelf
3 votes 1 comment
Copy pages from one notebook to another
3 votes 4 comments
Feature Request: Use device as drawing tablet
3 votes 1 comment
Feature Request: Please implement a native drawing app with layers
3 votes 3 comments
Notes app - highlighting hand written notes can't see writing underneath
2 votes 3 comments
Feature Request: Partial Handwritting Recognition
2 votes 3 comments
3.3.2 Update Makes the Note Air 2 a piece of junk
2 votes 1 comment
Audible doesn't play audiobook on Boox Air C
2 votes 10 comments
Notes and Neoreader kinda suck
2 votes 4 comments
Pages of notes appear as black
2 votes 4 comments
Note AI (handwriting to text)
2 votes 6 comments
Update to 3.2 killed Note 3
2 votes 1 comment
My Boox tablet it hard for left handed people like me to use but there is an easy fix!
2 votes 0 comments
Other Drawing apps for Note Air + github
2 votes 0 comments