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Feature request: improve links (firmware v3.3) - link notes



  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    We will forward your suggestion to our tech team and will do our best to improve the software of our device. We appreciate your feedback and understanding.

  • Pcmurray6

    I'd like to agree with Tony that linking between notebooks would be optimal. Additionally, I'd like to request that when setting a link, it would be advantageous to see either a preview of the page to be linked to or its name listed. Simply choosing to link to a page number requires one to find the page, locate its number, return to the page to link from, and then set the link. Remembering the page number isn't helpful, especially because my pages move. Page 5 will not always be page 5, so the next time I attempt to link to it, I have to find the number it is currently and then link. The extra steps really interrupt my workflow.


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