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Last firmware update broke RTL text in NeoReader



  • Mohamed Alnoseery

    I'm having the same problem with Note Air2 (reading Arabic) after same SW update. My problem with rendering is sorted out when I disabled the Engine V2 for NeoReader in settings, text rendering is back to normal but page scrolling (navigation) is now left to right instead of right to left. 

  • siamak

    Unfortunately i have the same problem. the most important benefit of onyx boox brand for me is RTL capability Actually.

  • Chris Brown

    I'm having similar issues with the latest build. Primarily showing mixed English and Hebrew. With the v2 engine the Hebrew words are displayed incorrectly (left to right). Text rendering is ok when I disable the V2 rendering engine. This is a significant issue for me as I read many academic theology papers with English and Hebrew. I tried KOReader as a workaround but that app crashes frequently.

  • Mahdi Varasteh

    I'm experiencing a similar problem using Note 5 and 3.3.1 firmware. The problem is with the epub format and dictionary application. We can mitigate the issue with disabling V2 engine in reader application, but I'm afraid there is no such workaround for the dictionary application. Using a 3rdparty dictionary app, e.g. MDict, solves the issue, but I like the system dictionary application. The symptoms show that problem exists in Dictionary and Reader Webkit engine. I think adding a systemwide option to choose V1 engine for all system application is the best way to go until V2 engine appropriately supports R2L languages 

  • Michael Woods

    Same problem here on Poke 4 and 3.3.1 firmware, my situation is poetry justified-right.  The V2 engine puts the first word on the right margin and the last word on the left.

    In addition, the V2 engine doesn't respect the "visibility: hidden" attribute in the CSS file.

    .right:before { content: "x"; font-size: 0; visibility: hidden; line-height: 0.1em; }
    .right:after { content: "x"; font-size: 0; visibility: hidden; line-height: 0.1em; }

    This kind of code is an an old fix for certain ebook readers that might try to put the text too close to the margin or to force the engine to skip a line.  I can't remember which.  I only used it in RTL text.  So I am seeing an x at the beginning and end of every line.

  • Bouaouda

    I'm facing the some problem with my BOOX Note after updating to 3.3.1 firmware with NeoReader.

    Boox still doesn't provide any solution?

    Is it possible to go back to previous FW version??



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