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  • Sascha

    Same here. I cannot install MS Office 365 and some other Microsoft apps like Microsoft lens.

    Some apps like Excel, Word and Powerpoint are working but not all.

    It starts downloading the app (both, Office 365 or lens) and then it stops with an error when it comes to installation. I tried deleting the cache etc. but nothing works.

  • Jeremy Walla

    I have had this exact issue. I have read a ton on this over the last few weeks. I have found that I have to download the app from the store and sideload it to get it to work. Boox, if you could solve this, I am sure it is your signing or security issue. It is a little difficult to find the app on the Microsoft site but if get a apk downloader or download the apk for windows 11 subsystem that runs android apps on windows and transfer it to the boox device and install it.


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