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library showing no books after update



  • Ian Jukes

    I have exactly the same problem. It was fine before the firmware update.

  • Tomas Vana

    Same problem here. 

  • Fred DeVeaux

    same problem

  • Kuangyi

    same here on my new device open and upgraded today.

  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    This issue is known by our tech team and they are currently working to fix the issue. In this case, there is a temporary solution which is to reset the device to the factory default settings.

    *Restoring the factory default settings will delete all data and files on your device. Please backup all important notes or books/documents before restoring the factory default. 
    You could reset the device by going to the "Settings" page > "Version"> "Factory Reset"

    After resetting the device, please check whether the problem persisted.

    Many thanks for your effort and understanding.

  • Stéphane Couture

    I also have this problem, as well as this one is the update to 3.3.1.

    It is too bad if I have to make a factory reset...

  • Irene

    Same problem :(

  • Kuangyi

    I have read a couple of problems reported by users after the upgrade. seems like a factory reset is necessary to allow everything working again. I did it because I upgraded the system few days after I got the new device, so it was not too much trouble to reload all my books from my computer.

    I hope their tech team could do more thorough testing in the future, because I really like this product. there are not many competitor products that support android apps with such power. The other issue is that their releases are so infrequent, we cannot just sit and wait for the next upgrade without factory resetting.

  • Mahmod Abdullah

    Here also same problem, boox Note 2, updated the firmware to V3.3.1.

    Im very disappointed that this happened.

    But my question is: If I were to factory reset as suggested, and after that upload all my books and notes again into the device.... Will it still be able to retain the previous date, like: last read, bookmarks, annotations etc?

  • Meilee Koozan

    So any news about a software fix ?

  • Ian Jukes

    I fixed the problem via a factory reset. You lose all the books on the device and I see no way to link Kindle anymore.


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