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I would like to return my recent purchased boox tab ultra



  • John Zayac

    did you ever get a response? I have not.  JZ


  • Junhui Liu

    I sent another message to I got a response asking me to send photos of the product I purchased and 14 digital serial number. I gave them all the information last Sunday and am waiting for their reply. It is supposed to answer me in two days. At the best I can only have a partial refund. I really should have purchased it from Amazon rather than directly from the Boox site.

  • Waguaq

    Hi Junhui, at last did you get the refund? how much time they took to pay you? 

    i returned a Note air3c 2 weeks ago but they dont even tell me if they have received the package. The customer service said that it would take 2 - 6 weeks to notify me if they have received the device and if the refund has been prooved. Its absurd and im worried. So id  like to know about your experience.

    Thx a lot.

    Qian Wang




  • Waguaq

    and John? what about you?


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