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System UI keeps stopping - Boox Air2 Plus



  • Sébastien • Angle Web

    Same thing for since last firmware update. I sent a request to customer service in middle of december but I have no response...

    Video Screenshot

  • Yanis Benkirane

    I see, it is very problematic. I hope that a future update will solve the problem soon.
    As for my tablet, the problem has mysteriously disappeared for a short time but has reappeared once again... a short-lived joy 😔.

  • Kelvin Koh

    Facing the same problem today as well. Screen kept flickering, deeming it unusable. 

    Kindly provide a resolution urgently.

  • Regi Penn

    I have 2 week old Nova Air 2. Same problem UI stopped working error message, blinking and unusable. Have done a factory reset and the problem immediately persisted

  • Alexander Nield

    Same thing happening here. If I do a factory reset it stops for a day. But overall if no fix in sight, I just wasted a lot of money and would like a return of my product.

  • francisco cabezon

    same problem here since today. Any solution yet?

  • Danny Kirkwood

    Same problem on nova c. Seems ok on basic system, but as soon as an app os open it crashes to "ui stopped working"

  • Kavithasan Patkunam

    Switching Off Wifi is a temporary fix. 
    Please fix this!

  • Yanis Benkirane

    Ok it seems I found what causes the problem for me, and it may be the Spotify app. Since I deleted it, everything works fine on my tablet, so maybe try to uninstall it too.

  • Alex Smith

    I deleted the app from spotify and same thing... stop blinking... how odd.

  • 86ul

    Any update?  had and have this blinking/flickering issue with my TabUltra and I have Spotify installed.

    Two months after buying the TabUltra (January 2023) the blinking/flickering started for the first time, while I was using the Notes app. Any reboot resulted in a debug mode, where I could choose between reboot and factory reset (I had to 'choose' with the volume buttons, which the TabUltra do not have). Although I thought I had the device switched off, I had to recharge its battery fully, and the blinking/flickering stopped.

    However, now two months later (and four months after buying), it happens again, while using Syncthing. Just as before, rebooting does not help and may result in booting in debug mode.

    I will try to uninstall Spotify, to try that suggestion.


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