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Saving Converted Text in Tab Ultra



  • Rodrigo Perez

    You can write all that you want to in the Notes app.  On the menu on the left side of the page there is an icon that looks like a computer chip with AI in the middle.  Tap this and your handwritten notes will be converted to text.  From there, you can replace your handwritten notes with the converted text or you can copy it to move it into another application.

  • Mary Burdis

    I have a related question...

    When I convert my handwriting to text and insert into my document, I have both my handwritten words and the text version. How do I get it to completely replace what I wrote?

  • Hasg

    Hello Mary, fellow Ultra Tab user here.  On the left side of your writing area, there is an icon called Lasso, depicted by a rope in a circle shape.  Depress this icon and then circle the hand written portion that you wish to eliminate.  When you are circling the words, make sure you connect to the dashed lines that you initially started thus completed a loop around your words.  The dashed lines will then turn into a box around your words.  On the top of the page you will see new icons appear.  Choose cut and your words will be removed.  If you wish to keep them, you can press on the left icons the " + Page" icon and paste it in there or anywhere when you create any new or existing page.  You can "Lasso" anything to move or remove the contents of the box.  If you take your stylus, you can slide the box with your handwriting or even converted to text words, and slide around the page. 


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