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Boox Assistent appfor Android - not working on Oneplus 9


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  • Rogier

    I also have a Oneplus (10 Pro) and for me it works great..

    The scan option is to scan a QR code from your device to your phone. If you are in an Note and choose 'Share', you can choose for a QR code. If you scan the QR code, the document will be on your phone! It works in seconds!

    In theory, if you choose 'Push' and then '+', you should see files in the app. You can push the file to your device. That only works if both devices are connected to the same Onyx Boox account. But I see what you mean... When I choose '+' it starts 'thinking' but nothing happens. I cannot see any files...

    The Booxdrop function is also not working for me..

    This is how it should work...

    Maybe somebody else knows how this works?


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