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Writing on tablet requires two pen taps



  • Official comment
    Booxshop Service

    Dear customer,

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    In this case, we suggest submitting feedback via "Settings" > "Feedback and Advice" > "+" on your device. After receiving your feedback, our tech team will send you a firmware update to fix the issue.
    Or you could submit a request via the link: and please provide us with the Mac address. You can find the Mac address via Settings/ About Device / WLAN MAC Address. We will inform our tech team to send you the firmware update after receiving your request and the MAC address
    Many thanks for your time and understanding.


  • Rodrigo Perez

    This is not normal behavior. On my Tab Ultra C you simply write as you normally would and no tapping to start writing is required.

    Are you using the stylus that was included with your tablet? Perhaps it is related to the pen that you are using. Otherwise, I would restart the tablet to see if that corrects the issue. I don’t know of a setting that would cause it to work this way either.

    If the restart doesn’t fix it, then you may need to have the tablet repaired.

  • linker C

    I am not having the double tap issue either.  I could just write.


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