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  • MULARD Cyrille

    So far, so good, after a few exchanges with the after-sales service, a return for exchange has to be organized. I'm waiting for the shipping label. For the moment, it never takes more than 24 hours to get an answer to a message.
    The following questions remain:
    - Why does a new product have such a serious screen defect after less than 12 hours of use?
    - What about all the personal documents stored in the document and applications installed with synchronization? I can't access the file system (from a PC via USB) to delete my documents, and I'm going to have to change all the passwords for all the connected applications installed on the device...

  • MULARD Cyrille

    I've been looking for a solution to the frozen display problem for almost two weeks now. 
    After numerous exchanges (and almost a day to get an answer to each new question), ONYX Europe (located in Poland) sent me a UPS return label to send back the tablet and its accessories.
    At each stage, I informed the after-sales service by email, enclosing all the relevant documents.
    Today, I'm waiting for their process of checking all the equipment returned, so that I can finally have a new tablet sent back to me.

    So, for the time being, ONYX is sticking to strict compliance with European regulations, without being overzealous, or even commercially compensating for the time lost or the inconvenience caused (like having to change all the cloud app passwords installed on the tablet, which I was unable to reset).

    I'll wait and see.

  • MULARD Cyrille

    One month after the display freezing of my Onyx Boox Note Air 3 C tablet, and many email exchanges with Boox Europe support, I have received a new unit, which seems to be working properly.
    I would like to thank "Joyce" from Boox Europe support for her assistance in dealing with this problem.

  • Mascarenhas

    Hi Cyrille,

    It seems that I am having the same issue with my newly bought device. The screen went darker and just froze with less than 2 hours of use. Currently waiting on someone from BOOX support to answer my request (#69030). I hope I don't have to go through a month of contact to be able to use the device. I am quite upset with this, but your thread did really help me. Thanks.


  • Eric W Jones

    I hope you also don't have to wait a month, please update your results it is important for me and my decision on purchasing. Thanks.

  • MULARD Cyrille

    Hi Mascarenhas,

    I hope you will find a way, with Onyx support, to manage this issue.
    As far as I'm concerned, so far so good. The device works correctly, even if there are some shortcomings on the software side (but that's another story).

    As for my relationship with support, I've tried to remain patient and courteous, despite the frustration of not being able to use new equipment. In my experience, the person I've been in contact with (Joyce) has always been very professional, even if one can sense a certain annoyance at the rather strict application of support procedures.



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