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PDF Reading- Pinch Zoom Function



  • Richard Lees

    Pinch to zoom works well for me in all refresh settings.

    One thing that tripped me up was that pinch-to-zoom isn't enabled by default.
    It's very easy to enable, as long as you dig through all of the buttons / settings.
    As warned by quite a few reviewers the learning curve on the Boox apps is a bit steep ... but pretty good once you get thru it.

  • Lampros Koukouvinos

    Thanks for your answer. Which one do you have? The Note Air 3 or the 3c? What i want to know is if the lack of bsr in Air 3 affects the Performance of the pinch zoom. I could think that in Models with bsr ( Air 3c, Air X) the pinch zoom smoother is because if the bsr and the refresh rate. Or maybe have i understood something wrong???

  • Richard Lees

    Ah, sorry I understand.  Your message is hard to read because it's in a table cell and you have to drag it over to read.

    In any case, yeah, I have the Air 3c so I can't confirm how P2Z works without BSR.


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