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Feature Request: Import full PDF templates with hyperlinks



  • Official comment
    Booxshop Service

    Dear customer,

    We are sorry that when importing a template to the Notes app, the hyperlinks in the template do not work. However, this is known by our tech team and they will implement this feature in future updates. In this case, we appreciate it if you could kindly wait for the update.

    Many thanks for your time and understanding.


  • Richard Lees

    Sounds good -- I haven't found a clear use case for this other than a full hyperlinked calendar which I've decided isn't really my use case for the device anyways.  But it does seem like there would be potential for other notebook templates that I'm not thinking of yet ... so this function still seems like a good idea for future improvements.


  • Matt Foster

    We've just bought a note air3 c purely to use as a digital filofax. We've bought a template with hyperlinks and they don't work.
    Do we have any idea if this is coming in the near future? Or have we bought a device we can't use?

  • Richard Lees

    Hyperlinked PDFs work =just fine= in Neoreader ... in fact I spent 5 or 6 hours on some plane rides just playing around with the On:Planner hyperlinked planner to see what I liked/disliked about it.  It worked exactly as you would expect and as good as it would on, for example, my son's Remarkable 2.  I think I might tear a few pages out of that for use separately but I didn't find that I really need/want all of the hyperlinking between document types that it offers -- so I'm going to keep using my custom made templates and manual hyperlinks in Notes.

    There are a few compromises when using Neoreader instead of Notes - the biggest being OCR searching of handwritten mark-ups and inability to duplicate/copy pages (which is probably difficult with hyperlinks in any case).  But if you want a fully digital planner/organizer to replace a physical notebook you won't be at all disappointed -- everything works exactly as the notebook creators intend.

    I still think that importing PDFs with hyperlinks in full into Notes is a good idea and will likely unleash specific use cases -- but I wouldn't characterize this as an urgent or essential feature at this point.


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