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Using on:planners ultimate planner with links for navigation



  • Richard Lees

    I'll maybe clarify something about "concerns" -- opening up hyperlinked PDFs works just fine in the PDF reader/annotator app Neoreader.  Functionality in that app is pretty good ... you can annotate with text or sketch directly on the document (ie. put handwritten notes on them).  You would be completely OK with a fully hyperlinked calendar (which I assume on:planners ultimate planner is (without looking at it).

    What you can't do is open the document as a template in the Notes app -- which offers several text and drawing tool advantages, and probably most significantly a search of handwritten text (after OCR).

    I also thought I would miss this, but after about a month of settling into a use case I'm not finding that I'm missing it at all.

  • Matt Gregory

    Thank you for your re-assurance Richard. The planner I want to use is exactly as you describe - easily move through Year / Week / Month / Day etc with separate areas for meetings / colleague reviews etc. 

    If I can do that in the PDF reader I am happy to then wait for the update to come to allow it to work in notes! 

    Thanks again! 

  • Richard Lees

    Any time!  If you're interested in looking at alternatives there are some good options (especially the 1st one which is free!) here:

    which links to

    That's the one that I played with to test the hyperlinks and I found the page layout quite nice and the hyperlink flow well thought out.

    Expecting that you've done your research already and/or are already used to using the on:planners planner I'm suggesting these here more for others that stumble into the topic.

  • Ming Genf

    Thanks Richard for the tips on PDF planners.

    There are three groups of planners (SuperNote, RM and DDVK righthand) on Github page. Which group is the best fit for Note Air 3?

  • Richard Lees

    Well, you can try all of them, of course -- but I played with the RM (Remarkable) version.

  • Richard Lees

    I decided to buy On:planner to see how it worked and if there were any interesting pages, etc.
    It's =really= good and the hyperlinks work very very well.  It's very well laid out and organized.  About the only thing that I found wanting is that Neoreader doesn't allow copying/pasting pages -- the only pages that you can insert are blank pages.  That means that you need to make sure that your planner is =comprehensive and complete= before you start using it.  If you need extra To Do pages or extra Meeting Minutes pages  you're completely stuck ... I guess kind of like you'd be with a physical dayplanner, although if I recall correctly (I haven't used one in YEARS) most of them you can insert/add pages if you need to later.

    It also has a bit of redundancy, especially around To Do's --- to-do's on project sheets, to-do's on daily planner pages, to-do sheets all by themselves.  There's probably a dozen separate locations with to-do's on them.  But I guess you can choose were you want to use them, or delete the pages that you don't want to use when you configure the planner.  Overall pretty impressed with how thorough a planner it is for a very reasonable price.  But that really doesn't have anything to do with the Note.

    If I were going to use the planner I think I'd probably do some after-download editing of the PDF to make it more streamlined for my own needs.  In case interested I use OpenOffice to do that - free and works very well with PDFs.

    Oh, I also bought the "generic" planner, not the Onyx Note version ... since it looked like that version didn't have any colour.  The colour isn't essential (eg. on the side tabs that are hyperlinks) but it sure doesn't make it prettier. 

    I'm a big fan of the colour on my Air 3c -- definitely happy with my decision after agonizing over it for weeks before deciding!

    Anyways, just wanted to ramble a bit to let people know that On:planner is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a hyperlinked day planner.

  • Eric W Jones

    Just wanted to Thanks for the advise Richard


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