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Urgent Fix Needed: Arabic OCR Issues Persisting Since Firmware 3.3



  • Ahmad

    I can confirm the same. Before update 3.3 I used to use OCR for Arabic letters with perfect results. However, after that it never worked. With 3.5.1 update OCR worked for Arabic letters but with extremely unreliable way.

    This is not acceptable as we purchased ultra devices because it has camera and can scan documents and use OCR.

    Please fix this issue as soon possible

  • Turki

    The latest update broke OCR. Address this soon!

  • Osama

    Yes pls fix it

  • Saeed

    Please refrain from requesting further feedback, as we have submitted several reports since the 3.3 update. Moreover, the V2 feature is not functioning correctly with Arabic book formats, which seems to overlook the needs of the Arab community. When using the V2 and OCR features, not a single word is recognized from the entire book. Additionally, when it does work, it is still not reliable.

    V2 issue:


    OCR issue:

  • Aboelhamd Abdellatif

    Kindly pay attention to Arab community development requests

  • M Alenezi1994

    Yes please,
    The technical support team should take this issue seriously to fix it as soon as possible as a way of appreciation for the ARABIC community.
    Also the dictionary issue as it appears incorrect format (backwards).

    Otherwise it's a low value for money buying your devices.

  • M.A.

    Hello I am facing exactly the same problem. My dictionaries are not any more readable, etc. I am speaking on behalf of a group of persons all using the onyx note3, we are your clients, we were inviting more people to buy your product. So please fix this issue soon. We are around one billion Arabs in the world. Don't lose this future clientele. So please answer our request. I only bought this machine 4 years ago and since last few updates, I am not able to enjoy it any more. This is completely unfair. I hope that you are aware of this problem and that you are working on it. Otherwise this would be like a big fraud because when I bought this machine, it was mainly for its capacity to recognize Arabic language and help reading Arabic books. 


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