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    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post here! Currently, we do not have plans for front-lit Max and color screen yet. 


  • Carsten

    Hmmm, that's odd.

    What about this: 

    Pretty much looks like a color BOOX device.

  • Julie Scott

    I'm also wondering when Boox will come out with a color E-ink 10.3 tablet. I heard that at least one Boox color E-ink product will come out this year, 2020. I'm wondering if it will be 10.3 or larger. If so, I will wait to buy that. If not anytime soon, I will buy the Boox Note 2, I think, but I'd rather get a color large tablet.


  • Carsten

    As far as I understand, they are currently working on a color Poke, which is a rather small device. I also read about 2 other color e-ink devices from competitors, also small - and I have not found any details yet covering the question of front lighting, which is essential for me.

    My best guess so far is that large color devices still will take a while - probably due to the display prices - and that frontlighting seems challenging. The current generation coming out appears to me more like a customer paid test balloon, and probably not mature yet.


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