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    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your support! Please see the answers as below.

    1. In general, you could use all the Bluetooth keyboard 4.1 with Note 2 but they do not support shortcuts. Boox BT keyboard is customized shortcuts with our devices.

    2. You could go to this link to learn more details of our Boox BT keyboard and compare the specifications with the website you sent.

    3. The specification of our Boox BT keyboard is QWERTY. 

    Hope it would help.

  • Carsten

    Thank you.

  • Scott Parker

    Related question:  I'm trying to pair a bluetooth keyboard.  When I try to pair the system generates a code which I am to input into the keyboard, but that is obviously not possible.  Is there a way to turn off the request for the passcode or do you have another suggestion?  Or, are you aware of a keyboard I could buy that will pair? Thx


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