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Nova 2: reading in sun makes the screen slowly turn greyish



  • Valeria

    Same here, when I'm reading and writing, too: under the sun the screen become grey, in a strange way. It's quite horrible :D but the important thing is that this is not something that can damage the screen... could someone help us? 

  • Valeria

    Hi Chris,

    I opened a ticket, here the answer:

    "Apology for all the inconvenience has caused!

    We are here to inform you that this issue is caused by our system pre-condition for optimizing the speed of handwriting. We will release the update package later on. The new option will be added to help our users choose if you need this pre-condition or not. If you do not tick this option, the display of the screen will not turn grey anymore. Thanks for your support!"

    hope this is helpful!

    ciao, v.


  • Judith

    Dear Boox,

    Great that you are working on this! It is really super inconvenient and disappointing not to be able to use the device properly in the sun. In what way will users be informed when and how this option is available?



  • Esailli

    I contacted Boox support about this sunlight issue and I got quite unexpected answer. First they denied the whole issue,

    quote: Judging from the feedback on your picture, it is the residual image, which is the disadvantage of the ink screen. If you refresh it, it will be normal, right?

    So I wrote back, and now they want me to send the device for testing, writing: we can't confirm whether it appeared in direct sunlight.

    But of course it is quite obvious that direct sunlight causes this problem. They must know that. So this is quite confusing now. There are no coming updates to fix this issue? Is it a hardware issue? 

  • Delano

    Hi all,

    The latest two firmware updates solve this. I don't have this problem anymore with my nova 2 on fw build number 2020-04-18_16-21_2.3_1577661.


  • Esailli

    Ok, thanks! That is promising. My fw is older, but I am not able to update. My device argues that 

    I already have the latest update. Any suggestions?

  • Eehirsch

    I have the same issue and the latest firmware.  I submitted a ticket and am waiting to hear back.

  • Matt Doebler

    Having the same issue on my Nova Air. Latest firmware. Submitted a help ticket and waiting to hear back.

  • Olly Goldman

    Same issues with nova air. Just got it. My friend also has it but does not seem to have this issue in the sun 😕

  • Lino K

    My Nova air does that too. I sketch in the sun and it is so annoying! Bought only 2 months ago. Has this been resolved or is it a hardware issue and I need to RMA my unit.


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