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Adobe Digital Editions



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post here!

    We are sorry to inform you that our Boox devices do not support to read epub books with DRM natively. If you have the need, you are suggested to download their app on our Boox devices for normal use.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Fnord Prefect

    Please don't bother supporting DRM natively. DRM only annoys the hell out of honest buyers, while everyone else just downloads a DRM-free version from the internet. It deserves to perish.

  • Nathan Chien

    Fnord Prefect Oh, I 150% agree that DRM (especially the garbage fire that is ADE) is complete and utterly disgusting and puts an unnecessary burden on the average consumer who just wants to buy a book. Unfortunately, the people behind stores like Kobo and Google Play have it in place, and it would've been nice to just be able to transfer with ADE and not do any weird stuff with the file. Thankfully, I can just download the app of the store or use Calibre when necessary. I haven't seen many non-Drm book stores around (It may just be me).     

  • Johan Asplund

    My public library provide ADE-DRMed books for loan. I've tried the ADE-app but it doesn't work that well. For instance, changing page is not very smooth and thus very annoying. 

  • Eleonora C

    Which is their app? name of the app? Thanks

  • Nathan Chien

    Eleonora CC It's called "Adobe Digital Editions" on the playstore, here's a link:

  • Roberto Bonino

    I installed Adobe Digital Editions on my Note 3, but there is no way to open a .acsm file with it.

    • From the ADE application I find no way to open a file
    • If I copy rhe .acsm file in the ADE folder, nothing appears in the library
    • When I try top open the file itself with the "open with" option  , it only  proposes to open with Gdrive, which  does not work.

    Any suggestion? 

  • Fran Marzoa

    I installed PocketBook reader in my Boox Note Air 2 and seemed to do the trick, though as far as I can tell you cannot make annotations or anything in the book which is quite disappointing, but I guess is a limitation of the format.



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