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Case alternative



  • Carsten

    Additional information: 

    This is a stylus sleeve that works pretty well with the case mentioned above: 


  • Valeria

    Hi Carsten, yes, I agree, the original case isn't so practical... I bought this one it's light and nice, but you can use it only in landscape mode as a stand.
    It has pen holder, I'm quite satisfied for now... I hope Onyx will produce something better in the future! :)
    Ciao, Valeria

  • Carsten

    Hi Valeria,

    yes, that one is nice too, the only limitation is the landscape-only mode.However, the case I mentioned in the OP, in combination with the pen holder from my comment, works really well.

    I am also going to try an external keyboard (Logitech K380) with it soon and will post my experiences here. 

    Ciao :)

  • Richard A Seigel

    I had no trouble getting a Logitech K810 and Lenovo external keyboard to be recognized by my Nova 2. However, on both keyboards after about 10 minutes of use, the keyboard starts entering what appear to be Korean or perhaps Chinese characters and I can no longer enter any English characters. These characters appear at the bottom of the screen, BTW, and not in the main body until I hit "enter".

    I have checked all the obvious settings (US English selected as the language, US English selected as the keyboard type), but everything appears to be correct. In addition, everything is OK until about 10 minutes elapses, so it does not appear to be an initial setting. It also has occurred using at least two different keyboards, so that does not appear to be the issue either.

    Waiting on tech support now. Will post any solutions


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