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Copy pages from one notebook to another



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post!

    We' ve transferred your advice to our technology team to further consider if it would be on the "to-do list " in the near future. 

    Thanks for your advice!

  • Valenczi Pál

    Dear Boox team,
    The nova is an excellent device, I really like it, but it has a dangerous deficiency for me. The data loss, data backup, data transfer in the notebook function (Nova 2). I am too looking for a solution to this.

    1. The biggest problem:
    The most important function of the device is to take notes and mark them in the materials.
    Changes made to books, PDF documents (bookmarks, notes, and selections) cannot be exported with the book. I can't make a backup.
    Markings on another device cannot be viewed if the reader go wrong (broken). If my device crashes or I switch to another reader, my notes will not be there, changes to my documents will be lost. This can cause, I to lose and not be able to restore notes created with a lot of work.
    (It was not about the notes and copies attached. There is no problem with these.)

    Other minor problems, inconveniences.
    2. It is not possible to switch from a note to the corresponding book. This is very cumbersome.
    3. Reader \ Split View \ Current Doc & Translate revert back to English always. It would be nice if you made a default setting or remembered the last one used.

  • Dan P

    Absolutely - I agree that adding the ability to move or copy pages between notebooks would be great.

  • Michael Wettach

    Can be accomplished in my Boox Note 3 from the "pages" view by exporting a page as PNG and importing to another notebook. Of course the PNG is not modifiable after import, but I could scribble things on top of it. 


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