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    BOOX Support


    Thanks for your post!

    We' ve transferred your need to our technology and product team to give further consideration and see what we can do in the near future. 

    Thanks for your advice and support!

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  • RWX

    I was thinking exactly this. Even just a highlighter which is just a line drawn behind all lines drawn by the pencil and pen tools would add so much.

    (for example, see: Remarkable vs Ratta Supernote A5 Comparison > Drawing [4:18] )

    A separate raster-based app which draws on a bitmap (like Autodesk Sketchbook) would be much much faster and smoother than what knote is currently doing by redrawing hundreds of vectors stored as text in a SQLite database, which may be perfect for handwritten notes to convert to pdf, but terrible experience for pencil-like sketches converted to png.

    If I had Android device experience I would create such an app asap, but unfortunately I don't :/ .

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