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    Thanks for your post! Apology for all the inconvenience has caused!

    If you read PDFs, the font size and spacing might be unable to adjust the texts tightly as you expected. However, if you read the other format documents, such as doc, txt, and so on, you can tap "Format" to change the font size in "Typeface" and line spacing & paragraph spacing in "Spacing Style".

    Thanks for your attention!

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  • John

    Yes, I am aware I can make the font size smaller, and I am talking about epub and mobi format ebooks. But even changing the sliders to the smallest setting doesn't give me (and other users, there are many topics post about this issue on the internet) the expected results. Like I mentioned, please compare the smallest font size and spacing of the Kindle app, or Moon reader app, or Koreader, and you'll see Neoreader should have the option to make it much smaller than it is now.

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  • Willemsendennis

    What helped me is using pinch to zoom it smaller. Without it is unacceptable!

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