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How to Sync 2 boox e-readers ? Books and notes ?



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post!

    We are sorry to inform you that your data could not be synced at the same time on our different devices. However, our technical team is working on it and will make it in the near future. Please kindly follow the newest notification on our social media platforms. 

    Thanks for your support!

  • Peter Vrolix

    Thank you.

    Can you then perhaps tell me what folder to copy or files that are used that store the sorting, book status info etc. ?

    I know where the books are so if i know the above as well, i can simply use android file transfer app.

    Both my Poke 2, Nova 2 are Android 9 so ...


    Thank you kindly,



  • RWX

    If I remember correctly, they've locked out access to those folders (and most others), so you would most likely have to root your device to get access.

    Although, if you go to Notes > Settings > Backup and Recover, then select the square disk icon at the top to create an on-device backup. After that, using a connected computer browse to Disk\Note2\Internal shared storage\note\backup\local and you'll see a zip archive of the backed-up notes in their internal SQLite format.

    Whether or not you can Restore this onto a different device I wouldn't know. but might be worth a try ;).

  • Peter Vrolix

    Thanks Rwx, i was actually thinking in terms of reading on 1 boox, continue on the other one later :-)


    I'll check what you wrote maybe something in there. Much appreciate your feedback.





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