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Feature Request: Home Tabs



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post. Apology for any inconvenience has caused.

    We would like to inform you that we will release the newest firmware V2.3.1 very soon. We' ve increased a new function based on our original navigation ball which you can customize and add apps' icons in it. Hence, you can tap the app you would like to access to open the apps easily. Please kindly wait for the newest notification of our V2.3.1 release. 

    We count on your patience and thank you for your time. 

  • John Nicoll

    Thanks but that won't do the trick. I like to use the physical button on the tablet as a "home" button. This is like the way an iphone functions. When I press that button, I want to see Apps instead of the Library.

    The best way to achieve this is to let the user pick which tab in the onyx content browser is default:

    Settings > More Settings > Default Tab:

    - Library

    - Store

    - Note

    - Storage

    - Apps


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