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Note 1 battery problems - swollen



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team

    Dear Customer,

    Apologize for any inconvenience that has caused.

    Could you please kindly submit this Service Request Form via with all info needed and our relevant colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

    May you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Dneru

    Hello, how is your note doing? Did the screen break because of the expanding battery? If you could somehow check it safely and if its working you could find a new one online or I could send you a link. I bought mine under 20$ but the shipping time took long- about 1 month.

  • Ncjunk


     Thanks for the reply, 

    The Screen did bulge out rather worryingly but the E-ink is still working when I boot into recovery mode. I have been unable to check the touch display as this doesn´t work in recovery and the Note won´t boot if it doesn´t detect a battery (wonderful feature that stopped me recovering my documents.

    I purchased a replacement battery from Aliexpress which should be here next week (after waiting a month and a half) and a Remarkable 2 which will be here at the beginning of next month as I´ve been disappointed with the quality of the Note.

  • Mmdcrisan

    Hi, would you please share a link to aliexpress vendor of the new battery? Thanks.

  • Dneru

    Hello, the battery I've bought has already gone bad. It was called HBSAT 6800mAh, I would suggest avoiding them and searching for another brand. I suppose others are selling the same batteries if they are stating that its 6800mAh just in other brand finding either original capacity one or some other device's battery that would fit would be great. Although I have not found it yet but I have read that someone had their Max 1 fitted with Nexus 7 battery. Although the capacity on Nexus 7 battery is a bit smaller so I am not sure yet if it would be allright to, so still need to find out...

  • Mmdcrisan

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply, in the meantime I found the battery but fortunately did not buy it and then I saw your message. I will look for another brand and if I find a replacement that would geometrically fit I will let you know.

    Thanks a lot again for the prompt info.


  • Question Mark

    Just wondering if anyone found a decent battery which works well. The battery on my Note Pro has become very unreliable and loses its charge rapidly and unexpectedly. Apart from that, it works fine so I'm fairly certain I just need a new battery.

  • Carlos Pinheiro

    I want to share my positive experience with the customer support from BOOX. My already a few years old note 1 suffered from the same problems mentioned above. I thought it was a lost case since my note was over 2 years old. I still decided to contact BOOX team and report what happened. They promptly offer to repair it at no cost besides the shipment to their maintanance partner in EU (I'm based in Germany). The repair was succesfull, the equipment looks like new and it works like new. The repair was made and sent back in a matter of a few days. I think this is very important to us customers to know that the manufacturer is not only looking to their margins but they want to keep customers happy. Good job!

  • Eric W Jones

    That was very encouraging I was a believer before and more so now its good to see Good Thanks


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