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  • kiarasupernotedocs

    I personally when installed mine ( to my max3) and other devices do this and never have any bubbles.


    1. Find a spot in your house free of pets (if you have) for the hair and a good light or desk lamp to see well the screen. make sure you don't have much ventilation in the room so nothing gets in the screen. 

    2. Clean the surface with the "wipe" and remove any small hair particles from paper or clothes with the stickers than come ( the big one. 

    3. I put the two other stickers the rectangular ones at each border that Im gonna control the screen protector and make sure is in the right spot in one of the tablet sides and then I let the screen protector almost fall by itself, I DONT PRESS ANYTHING. honestly this kinds of screen protectors install by themself,

    4. if you see any bubble try to see if its a little hair or a small particle gently lift the screen protector with the rectangle stickers and remove the particle with the big sticker before used. 



    hope this helps. 

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  • twospirits

    Thanks for the tips.

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  • Donut Pirate

    I'll offer my 2 cents as I just installed the included screen protector on my new Note Air with zero bubbles.  I've found that for me, this never just happens without a bit of time/work.  There's a lot of prep that I typically have to do to experience a successful application.  This is probably due to my house having numerous pets with an abundance of floating hair and dust, sigh.

    I always find the most dust-free room to apply a screen protector.  A bathroom works well as it is usually small and the air moisture can be controlled/altered to some extent.

    This will seem silly and a bit over-kill, but I vacuum and wipe down all surfaces in this room, vacuum all curtains, fabric shower curtain, wipe down walls, surfaces, everything.  Not only does this remove a lot of the things that can cause bubbles, but room-mates will be overjoyed.

    Next get your Note device ready to go in that room with screen protector, wipes, sticky tabs.

    Close the door and run bathtub water (warm is good) for a minute or two to increase the humidity in the room.  This seems to help any floating hair/dust to settle.

    Then go through the recommended application of the screen protector.  I typically use the wet wipes in one direction to clean the screen, use dry wipes in same direction and then apply screen protector, rolling it down over the screen.  Even in a fairly dust-free environment you'll probably see some bubbles caused by dust.  If you can't lift the screen protector edge up to the bubble location and reapply by carefully pushing out the bubble, there's probably a dust particle or hair present causing it.

    In my case, after initial screen protector application, I had like 5 bubbles around the edge of the screen protector which is an astounding win in my book.  Dust in the center is more stressful to get out.

    So if you see any dust/hair caused bubbles under the screen protector, use the included sticky tabs to lift the edge of the screen protector up to the point of the bubble location and use a separate sticky tab to dab at the screen at that location.  you are really just trying to quickly remove the spec of dust/hair at this point.  set aside the sticky tab and let the edge of screen protector roll back on screen.  If you can work that bubble out so it disappears, then success.  If the dust is still present (and bubble), it means that the dust/hair is sticking to the screen protector side and not the screen surface.  So to fix this, repeat the process of lifting up the screen protector and use sticky tab to dab the screen protector underside to get the dust/hair.  Then reapply the screen protector by letting it roll back onto the screen.  If you can push the bubble out or bubble is gone you've won on that one.  Doing this repeatedly for each bubble is basically how you can attain a bubble-free application.

    The included sticky tabs are nice for removing dust/hair.  Some scotch tape can leave sticky residue if used. But I've used it in a pinch, cutting off a clean section with scissors works nicely.  tearing it off spool seems to cause the adhesive to smear and that's what can leave residue.

    Good luck!

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