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  • kiarasupernotedocs

    I personally when installed mine ( to my max3) and other devices do this and never have any bubbles.


    1. Find a spot in your house free of pets (if you have) for the hair and a good light or desk lamp to see well the screen. make sure you don't have much ventilation in the room so nothing gets in the screen. 

    2. Clean the surface with the "wipe" and remove any small hair particles from paper or clothes with the stickers than come ( the big one. 

    3. I put the two other stickers the rectangular ones at each border that Im gonna control the screen protector and make sure is in the right spot in one of the tablet sides and then I let the screen protector almost fall by itself, I DONT PRESS ANYTHING. honestly this kinds of screen protectors install by themself,

    4. if you see any bubble try to see if its a little hair or a small particle gently lift the screen protector with the rectangle stickers and remove the particle with the big sticker before used. 



    hope this helps. 

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  • twospirits

    Thanks for the tips.

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