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Note Pro Android version upgrade?



  • Ehbas

    I'm waiting for android update for note pro too. In boox site they promised for android 9 on note pro

  • Jeremy Butcher

    Also waiting on this. Owned this thing less then 9 months, hoping it does not go obsolete already. 

  • Rodolphe

    The 3.0 firmware update for Note Pro does not come with Android 9. Still  Android 6.

    @Onyx : now is the time to keep your promise to update to Android 9/10 the Note Pro.


  • Jeremy Butcher

    Agreed! I too got the 3.0 Firmware in the last couple of days, and while i love the new features and think its fantastic. We do really need the android bump they said would happen to not make these devices obsolete from an android perspective. 


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