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Cannot set up any email



  • Official comment
    Booxshop Service

    Dear customer,
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    We are sincerely sorry that we have removed the built-in email application in firmware v3.3.2. In this case, we suggest using third-party email apps such as Gmail or Outlook to set up and send emails.
    Many thanks for your time and understanding.

  • kiarasupernotedocs

    Hello!!! I had the same problem, I REALLY DONT REMEMBER so well, but if im not mistaken I solve this going to the email settings in privacy and allowing the deceive to access the email, was something like that, if you can't maybe try entering to the and setting your account there

  • Markus Remmler

    I have exactly the same issue with a Nova Air - the Email app is not accepting any any account, with exactly the same error messages. I am not aware that there is any privacy setting on the device. Anyone can provide a solution?

  • Marieke Groot

    I have the same issue, is there a solution?

  • Dina C

    so, anyone resolved this problem????


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