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Note Air - Wireless Screencast



  • Jan S

    The air does come with wireess screen casting but it has one major flaw, it always streams in 1920x1080 pixel resolution (landscape). This doesn't fit the resolution of the tablet and it doesn't change when casting in portrait mode which wastes a whole lot of screen space because there are huge white boarders..

  • zeev

    For me the casting does not work at all - shows a blank screen

    Any idea?

  • Math

    Jan S is right, the feature does not work well and screecast is not compatible on linux desktop OS.
    I tested scrcpy and unfortunately it seem not working due to e-ink device

    I really hope Boox team could find a workaround and solve this pain of mirroring note Air screen to desktop.

  • PieterG

    My Air2 is working fine with screencast (to Windows PC) in both landscape and portrait mode.

    After turning on the option 'Show original colors of the color strokes'  (*) all colors are shown also.

    (*) Go to the Notes page, select pull down menu in the upper right corner, choose 'option settings' to find this setting)


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