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How to enable the floating toolbar in newreader.



  • Official comment


    Thanks for your post. 

    Please kindly update your device to the newest firmware to see if you could find this icon. Thank you for your attention. 

  • Viktor B

    When I press 'Check for updates', it says 'This is already the latest version'.

  • Maggie Zheng

    Hello, I am also experiencing this problem in Neoreader on the Note Air (it works fine in Notes). There is nowhere in settings or by clicking the middle of the page to enable floating toolbar. I have the latest firmware too. Thanks. 

  • Fran Marzoa

    I have a Note Air 2 here with the exact same problem, just upgraded to last version available this morning, and no solution in sight.

    EDIT: Finally! thanks a lot Viktor, I didn't know/remember you can bring back the menu by taping in the middle of the screen.



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