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Nice device (Note Air), poor software



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team

    Hello Greg,

    Thanks for your feedback. Apology for any inconvenience that has caused.

    We will transfer your feedback and request to our technical team to see if they could improve it in the near future. Thank you for your attention. 

  • Eberli Augusto do Couto

    I couldn't agree more, I have seen many versions come and go, and even though there are improvements, there are many things that get worse, and over time it diverges more and more from android, plus, quality-wise it is much much worse than most softwares out there (by most I mean, really most). 
    Really, it is that bad imo. 
    If you guys are concerned about the costs of improving the system, imo, simple: open source. I guarantee that it would get much better. Yes, there is the licensing "problem", but honestly guys, if you are in it for the long haul, software is your weak point. 
    This is how I see things: 

    * Open source the software, listen to the community, let the community help (could be difficult for people to let go though)... but, more energy to focus on what you guys do best: the devices.

    * Rethink/rewrite the whole thing (risky), I think this would also mean a huge shift on how you guys handle and think about software development (extremely difficult to do, could takes years).   

    I don't know what is your business model guys, I am technical mostly (software engineer), but looking from outside, that is what I see, I hope my input can help somehow.....  for sure it won't change a thing though :D  

  • Jesse Davis

    I would like to add my vote here for spending some serious time unifying and streamlining the whole software and ui. I'm really glad that I bought supernote for the wife instead, because she has no time or background for guessing how software might work. 

    And I am glad that I got my Note, but I just can't recommend boox to anyone who isn't at a level 8 or more in tech mastery. I feel like I'm back in a playtesting job. Boox platform gets the job done but as soon as the task changes a bit there's a constant grinding of teeth. 

    You might seriously consider making some things open source. The software already feels like it's running on a raspberry pi, except that recent pi desktops are more cohesive, thanks to open source contributors. 

  • tim elliot

    Agree with all the above and also would be happy to see A massive update to software.

    In its current state, there are a lot of improvements to make.



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