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AI engine for handwriting recognition



  • Raphaël Dhont

    I concurr. The IA for French is NOT doing a good job (especially compared to Remarkable) and makes converting handwritten text almost not viable !

    Is it possible to change AI engine ? Or, at least, to disable the "redistribution" fonction which might work in english but is dreadfull in French ? 

  • Rodolphe

    I've tinkered a bit and indeed the AI does a poor job when the language is French.

    Hopefully Onyx will set it right for the next update as it's currently useless.

  • Raphaël Dhont

    Ok, I've found a way to get a usable recognition in French :

    Step 1 : use "original AI" and not "AI with redistribution"

    Step 2 : export as PDF

    Step 3 : convert PDF into TXT

    Works like a charm.The word recognition in itself works very well, it is the redistribution algorithm that screws it in French I think.

  • Francois Gueissaz

    Hi Raphaël, thanks for investigating.

    I'm not sure to understand your procedure:

    step 1 : where do you select the AI type?

    step 2 : what do you export? the handwritten text? (the AI should however act directly on the handwritten note)

    step 3 : convert PDF into TXT: do you do this in the notes area?

    Best regards


  • oli

    Hi Francois, 

    Had you any answer ? Do you know a better AI engine for French ? If so how can I use it ? (it could also be external app or web )



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