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Ways to improve the Max3 for sheet music use



  • Kathryn Ryan

    I purchased my devices through PadMu in Italy, a company that created a music software specifically to run on these tablets. It's great software. I have two Max Lumi devices that pair together so I can read music in normal book format. I love it so much! I haven't looked into it, but maybe you could purchase just the software to run on the device you already have.


  • Neil Bacon

    Thanks Kathryn, I may look into that. Meanwhile it's pretty great even with the one screen, and the Donner pedal seems to work well with it. Some files are OK with the crop, others a tad slow.

  • Jill Knapp

    Hi, Neil!

    I use Mobile Sheets Pro; there is a version for e-ink devices and it is glorious.  Michael Zuber, the software developer, adapted the Mobile Sheets application to work on e-ink devices when the Max2 Pro was launched, and it works great on the newer Max3 / Lumi devices.  He's also a musician, so he knows what we need.  Michael is very responsive if you'd like to suggest a feature/tweak.  

    I've used all sorts of music software, and I don't have enough glowing words for how great MobileSheets Pro is; I'll never use anything else. It will do all of your cropping for you automatically, or you can crop things manually if you prefer.  I use it for sheet music, and I also use it to write music. It's also great in a "bar band" situation when all I need is a lead sheet and lyrics. I pair it with a bluetooth pedal and my life is happy. :-)

    Feel free to ask me anything about it if you'd like!


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