New firmware, wont sync



  • Ryan Quinn

    I'm having the exact same issue and have tried the same fixes but nothing works.

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  • Beck

    On Note3, also finding that I cannot sync new edits or new notes. As recommended in one place, I switched servers from US to CN to US and logged in again, then did the same process with a device restart between each step, and still no luck.

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  • Mike dg

    Same issue here. My nova 3 color and max were happily syncing back and forth and then all of a sudden poof. I get a bunch of errors, and even if it seems to have synced a file fine, it doesn't show up on the other device or website.

    Also noticed that doesn't seem to be letting me view any data, even from before I had the syncing problems. On my browser I previously used, I can see some old file lists, but can't actually open any. On a new browser, I cant even get a list of my notes.

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