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Password for Notebook backup zip



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post. Apology for any inconvenience that this has caused. 

    In this case, you are suggested to submit bugs on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device. Please make sure that you tick the option "send logs" while sending the Feedback so that we can analyze and diagnose the exact problem better. Our technical team will reply to you via email within 24-48 hours after you submit the Feedback. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Tim Cuthbertson

    Thanks Joyce. I have done so, though I'm confused why device specific feedback / logs would be useful.

    I assume the password protection is intentional, I just need some documentation on what the default value is or how to change it. Unless you think the password protection is accidentally being applied?

  • Tim Cuthbertson

    Whew, finally figured this out. Here it is, for future travellers:

    I sent feedback via the device, and the response was that the notes are encrypted with my "user ID". I didn't know what this was - I had setup dropbox sync and a google account, but the email address associated with either of these didn't work as a decryption key. They later clarified it's "an attribute of your onyx account".

    To find out your own user ID (which doubles as the encryption key for backed up notes):

     * go to settings, setup/login to your onyx account

     * create a new notes backup

     * go to on a computer

     * open the developer tools -> network tab in your browser

     * refresh the page

     * filter for the url

     * look in the response pane, there should be a JSON document. The `uid` value is the internal user is the encryption key for your backed-up notes.


    I still don't know what the encryption key is when not signed in to an onyx account, the onyx folks claimed that notes are unencrypted when not logged into an onyx account, but that wasn't the case for me.

  • Manuel Leithner

    Tim Cuthbertson Nice work! The password for an Onyx Notes backup created without an Onyx Push login is "share_user" (without the quotes). Took me a bit of reverse engineering to find this out (and I wasted a few hours of time on hashcat trying to find something with the same format of the Onyx Push `uid`).

  • Günter Kehrer

    Hello! Hast anyone got this running with Firmware 3.1 and a NoteAir ?
    I am getting a lot of errors back from python3.


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