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English user manual is gibberish in some places



  • Boox Service Team

    Hello, thanks for your post. We will update our manual later.

  • Donut Pirate

    When a customer offers to clean up your manual's translation, for "FREE"...

  • Mark Wilson

    It's been a year, yet the manual is still "gibberish in some places" and "terrible." When, exactly, is "later?" Would you like for me to send a marked-up copy? It could take a while though I doubt it would take anywhere close to year. And, unlike the OP, I'm not really interested in doing your work for free.

    As noted above, the obvious lack of attention to detail reflects poorly on your company and your product. I can't speak to other languages, but I'd be willing to bet those translations are just as bad. You can't rely on automated translation to get it right any more than you can trust automated grammar and spelling checkers. The result still requires proofreading by a knowledgeable human.

    EDIT: After having read all 174 pages of the fine manual I must revise my comment. The manual isn't just terrible. In 40 years as a software professional, having read hundreds of computer manuals, this is, without a doubt, the single worst manual I've ever read. I don't believe there is a single page that doesn't have unintelligible often grammatically incorrect English sentences. This is not the kind of manual someone expects of a $500 device. Frankly, you're better off not providing any manual at all.

    I will undoubtedly get my new Note Air 2 Plus to do what I want it to do (collect many, many pages of paper notes and other note capture tasks). Getting computers to do what I need them to do is how I made my living. But the "user manual" you provide is of no use in that effort.

    PS. The English user interface is grammatically incorrect in multiple places as well. 

  • Mark Wilson

    Apparently "later" is greater than 2 years despite what appears to be a major UI change. Documentation, especially user manuals, are not an afterthought for any serious computer company. 


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