Polylines when writing annotations



  • BrendanO

    Hi Erika, I observed the same while annotating on the Note Air and then reviewing the files on a laptop. I don't have a real solution, but in the mean time two things you might consider:

    - Enable handwriting recognition (settings > floating toolbar settings > handwriting recognition settings > enable auto-recognition by double-tapping onto handwritten notes). This converts your handwritten notes to text (if your handwriting is legible at least). Now after you've written something, double-tap with your finger and it should convert to a single block of text. Bonus is that the text also becomes searchable in PDF readers.

    - Using the annotation function instead: Select a piece of text with your finger (or pen, with scribble mode disabled), then use the pen-input from the built-in keyboard to write your annotation which will then directly convert to text.

    Hope BOOX wil later on be able to implement some sort of grouping/merging function for polylines intersecting eachother and in very close proximity...

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  • Erika Yvette

    Thank you for your tips (especially the floating bar). I really would like to use the stylus when annotating since it's faster and easier. Hopefully, Boox will add an option to merge these polylines! I'm not sure if others will benefit from the polylines so I would say that Boox should just add a merge function. 

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