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Note Air2 Kindle issue



  • christina brierley

    I'm having the same issue.

  • AnaplexCo

    Same issue. I would have thought this issue could be easily answered and resolved by Boox. It is concerning this issue has not been responded to after a day. 

  • Justin Bozonier

    Same issue and the exact same context. I’m waiting for the Google Play Store (currently waiting for a couple hours for that to start working). Now I’m trying to download Kindle through Boox App Store and getting download failed. Other apps seem to download however.

  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customers,

    We are sorry that it might take some time for active google play on the device. To active google pay in the firmware V3.2, you could try to follow the instruction in the video below:

    Please note that the google account for education is not supported for active google play on the BOOX devices. Please use a personal Google account for this setting. 

    Many thanks for your understanding.

  • Randhir

    Google Play has not turned on after 4 days of doing the steps. I followed this new article on the Boox site. Google Play turned on immediately!

    Kindle and Wall Street Journal apps now work through the store. I hope you have a good experience now.



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